harshvardhan jain

special show

The Harsh Wave Show Indore


Devi Ahilya University Auditorium, Davv Takshila Parisar,
Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

The Harsh Wave Show - INDORE

The harsh wave show is sowing the seeds of volcano inside the minds of success seekers for creative innovation in the form of unbelievable achievements. This programme has been started by honorable fire brand speaker Mr Harshvardhan Jain. It’s primary Goal is to focus on cultivating new wave of leadership for creation of game changers.

                 Everyone has wings, but very few of them knew the power of wings. Everyone has potential but they don’t know how to use it. Harshvardhan Jain sir wants to uncover the hidden potentialities of the people, carve and awaken. This programme is made for dreamers and winners. Winning is a habit. This programme will help you to become a habitual winner in spite of speed breakers and breakdowns.

               Everyone has the power, potential and possibilities. Everyone is eligible for a universal popularity, a rich lifestyle and a powerful personality. They need the seeds of hyper motivation to climb the mountain of success. This is the dawn of a new wave of entrepreneurial environment to manufacture leaders. These leaders will influence and inspire the world in near future for future growth.

            Come to join this Life changing show to grow and help others to grow for peace and prosperity in the world.

1. Awaken the inner giant (Divine Power)

2.Develop a high caliber culture in Organisation

3. Expand your capability to produce more

3. Expand your capability to produce more